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DOs And DON'Ts®

DOs And DON'Ts

Here is What YOU DO and DON’T DO before contacting FOREVER21® for your Erectile Dysfunction consultation.

Stop feeling embarrassed about this issue, or have it make you feel any less of a man. Do this right now…this minute. Erectile Dysfunction (or soft and unreliable erections), is a very common problem and is experienced by 50% of all men over 35. This number increases the older you get. This is most of the male population and has nothing whatsoever to do with you, personally.

Don’t argue anymore with your partner or loved one about your erectile dysfunction. FOREVER21® is a treatment that works and this should be discussed with your partner as solution.

Do start leading a healthier lifestyle and think about cutting back on cigarettes and/or alcohol. We are now expected to live longer with more and more protracted retirement ages expected. We need the long-term rewards of a great sex life to see us through those years.

Do start thinking about the future of your sexual health and happiness. The sex life you have is vital to your overall confidence and wellbeing. FOREVER21® can and will restore your youthful sexual self. Get your mojo back long term without using little blue pills or avoiding those priceless moments of intimacy.