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Patients' Testimonials

Israr, 54, Lahore

"I would say I definitely have much more confidence. I feel I have a stronger erection that lasts longer and to be honest it doesn’t take long to arrive at that point."

Dr Afzal Khan, Consultant Urological
Surgeon, Akram Memorial Hospital

Patient 1: "I can now achieve an erection and penetration to the satisfaction of my partners."

Patient 2: "After some 6-8 weeks, I found that things started to react and yes results! Thank you for your help and support in treating me, and for the record I think that patients should be informed that the healing can take 6 to 8 weeks and not to panic if results are not immediate."

Patient 3: "Once again, thank you for treating me, this has made a big impact on my life, which is very much appreciated."

Asad, 46, Lahore

"I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my erection since undergoing treatment with FOREVER21. I’m really satisfied with the result."

Doctors' Testimonials

Dr Nazir Khaja, Karachi

“This treatment is, in my view, just like time travel for your sex life – restoring a reliable, more youthful performance and the confidence that goes with it. Being able to gently apply sound wave technology to the problem area and restore natural performance and reliability makes this one of the simplest, yet most effective treatments I have seen.”

Dr Sarmad Malik, Lahore

"Patients have commented on how straightforward and pain-free the Renova treatment is. I would recommend this treatment to any man experiencing mild to moderate erectile dysfunction."

Dr Kashif Wali, Rawalpindi

"Since the launch of the FOREVER21 Wellness Center in Lahore, I have been really impressed with the outcome. Patients I have referred to for FOREVER21 treatment generally have mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction and are unable to use, or don’t respond to, medication."