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Treatment Explanation

Treatment Explanation

During each of only four 20 minute-long treatment sessions you will remain in a comfortable position on your back. Using the Renova device, the physician applies the shockwaves by moving the linear transducer to four places, left and right Crus (root of the penis) and left and right side of the penis shaft. Click here to see the video of patient experience.

Screening Procedure

A doctor will screen you for suitability of the FOREVER21®treatment.

This screening is designed to exclude factors, other than vascular, which may cause your erection problems. The purpose of the screening is to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment essentially to give the best chance of achieving a successful outcome

At upto 80% success for vascular related ED, this is a very effective successful treatment BUT clinical response varies and cannot be guaranteed.

After the screening, you will be asked to sign a consent form and should you elect to proceed, four treatment sessions will be scheduled.

FOREVER21®Treatment Procedure

Please arrive at the clinic approximately 15-minutes prior to your appointment. This ensures the privacy of all our patients and avoids any contact with other patients.

The treatment takes approximately 20-minutes and you should allow an extra 10 minutes for set up and finish.

Our qualified and trained staff will ask you to undress and get comfortable on the treatment table.

The ultrasound gel will be applied to the transducer and on each side in turn of your Crura (root of the penis) and then the shaft of your penis.

Pre and Post Treatment

Before you arrive for the treatment we suggest your genital hair is shaved and you are hydrated. Also make sure that you have gone to the toilet before the treatment so as to avoid interrupting the treatment. (Note that if it becomes necessary during the treatment, it is just inconvenient and will have no other negative effect.)

After the treatment there is absolutely no restriction on any normal activity including sex. There is no pain, no bruising and no need to restrict your activities.

You will be asked to periodically return to measure the effect of the treatment through the international survey measure referred to later and this is important for you and for other sufferers.

At any time during your visit, please feel free to raise any concern you may have and our staff will assist you.