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About FOREVER21®

About Us

FOREVER21®treatment is an advanced technology treatment provided by the FOREVER21 Wellness Group. FOREVER21 Wellness currently has one clinic operational in Lahore with another opening soon in Karachi for providing expert medical treatment to improve long-term erectile function.

FOREVER21®treatment is particularly helpful to men who notice erectile weakness caused by reduced blood-flow to the penis. The treatment goal is the restoration of sexual function by achieving and maintaining a satisfactory erection.

The focused soundwave technology, known as Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LI-SWT), is designed to treat the ‘source’ rather than the ‘symptoms' of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). FOREVER21®treatment is far more desirable than popping pills before sex or taking painful injections or using awkward and inconvenient pumps.

FOREVER21®treatment goal is the restoration of sexual function by achieving and maintaining a satisfactory erection.

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FOREVER21®treatment brings back spontaneity to your sex life.

How does it work?

Low Intensity Shockwaves (LISW) used during the FOREVER21®treatment promote angiogenesis - a natural process of new blood vessel formation. This process restores the supply of blood to the penis on the micro-vascular level thus improving erectile function in men noticing erectile weakness.

These shockwaves are applied to the entire length of the penis and Crus. Because acoustic (shock) waves are not harmful to the human body the use of LISW is completely safe, and to date there are no reported side effects after thousands of patients treated worldwide.

The FOREVER21®treatment platform is dedicated for men with erectile weakness of organic origin and will not be effective in men whose problems are caused by psychological factors.

What to expect?

The strictly private consultation will take place at our clinic. All prospective patients will undergo basic medical assessment, including a detailed history in order to establish the exact nature and potential cause of the erectile problems they are experiencing. The doctor will determine suitability and recommend you for the treatment.

FOREVER21®Treatment Technology

At FOREVER21®, we use Renova technology - the most advanced second generation shockwave therapy equipment from Germany, designed specifically for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment. FOREVER21®treatment is a linear application based and surpasses previous point technology in efficacy, comfort and convenience for the patient.