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FOREVER21®Treatment FAQs

The FOREVER21®treatment
What is the FOREVER21®treatment?

It is a high tech, low intensity, non-invasive, painless application of linear soundwave technology to the area around the penis. Click here to view the treatment.

How does it work?

FOREVER21®works by stimulating new blood vessel growth locally, around and on the penis to reverse the effects of ageing and vascular deterioration. It is a completely natural process, in fact, the essence of growth from birth revisited.

Is it safe – what tests have been undertaken?

Over 6-years of clinical studies all around the world and operational data shows NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS and the nature of the process is such that this is expected.*

Is there any pain involved in the treatment?

The FOREVER21®treatment is completely painless and the only sensation is a slight but comfortable "tingling".

What can I expect if I opt for the FOREVER21®treatment?

If your erection function has deteriorated through vascular or ageing then you should expect (70% to 80% success rate)* an improvement on average of 7 points on the IIEF scale for mild to moderate cases. This is a significant decrease in erection problems. If you have just noticed that your erection is not quite as reliable and firm as when you were younger then you should expect this to improve, a winding back of the clock. Qualifications here are that there are some contraindications that may affect the result.*

How soon can I have sex after the treatment? Is there a wait time before one can have sex?

There is absolutely no restrictions at all related to the treatment.*

How long does it take before I would notice an improvement in my condition or enhancement in my performance?

It is expected that as soon as a few weeks after the course of treatments your erectile dysfunction will have improved. Some have noticed improvements earlier. The rate of growth of new blood vessels is one of the determining factors.**

You say the treatment provides a 'long term' solution – what does that mean exactly?

The treatment has only been available for just over 6-years and this is the only history on sustainability. Although the creation of new blood vessels should last a long time this is dependent on age, lifestyle etc. and we cannot claim any effect beyond 12-months as this is the standard follow up time in clinical studies. It may be that further treatments are required after 12-months.**

You say that four sessions are recommended. If the problem is more acute – 'severe' vs. mild or moderate – or if I simply don't see the results I expect, then would you recommend additional treatment sessions?

The FOREVER21®treatment protocol recommends 4 treatment sessions and this is for vascular caused erection problems. Further sessions will not do any harm and can be recommended by the doctor in some cases of severe erectile dysfunction. The treatment is expected to replace drugs in mild to moderate cases but in severe cases where drugs do not work it has been shown in clinical trials that with certain patients that the combination of FOREVER21®treatment and drugs have worked afterwards.*

Do I need to be referred by a doctor prior to seeking treatment?

No, however, we would prefer you to have a consultation with a doctor to narrow the cause of the problem and provide you with information and advice. We also offer you a consulting session with an in-house physician specializing in this area. This consulting session is NOT FREE and if after the consultation, you decide to go ahead with the treatment, then the consulting fee is fully refunded or adjusted against the treatment fee.

Do I need to inform my family doctor that I have had the FOREVER21®treatment?

Not necessarily, however, we can provide any information to your doctor to allow them to review the treatment and discuss this with you, should you wish.

Right for me?

Who is the best 'candidate' for FOREVER21®treatment?

Those who have erection problems that have deteriorated in a mild to moderate measure (IIEF scale) through vascular or age related cause. Normally this occurs in males over 40-years, the incidence in western society is 40% over 40-years, 50% over 50-years of age, and 60% over 60-years. We would recommend making a confidential and private appointment and discuss in detail any issues you may have about the treatment.

If my erectile dysfunction is just age-related can this really help – surely you can't turn back the clock?

The formation of new blood vessels can address the reason that your erection problems (see qualifications referred above) have increased therefore it can be described as a winding back of the clock in successful cases.*

I am diabetic – could FOREVER21®help?

Again the answer is probably yes and the doctor will advise likely success.**

I am a heart patient – could undertaking a course of FOREVER21®treatments be risky?

Erectile dysfunction can be good early indicator for a heart problem. The treatment itself is not risky in any way and has no known side effects. Please address your concerns during your consulting session with the doctor.*

Viagra/Cialis vs. FOREVER21® Treatment

I've used Viagra/Cialis in the past and they've worked well. Why should I bother with FOREVER21®treatment?

Tablets are mostly a short term solution and lack spontaneity. They can have some side effects and in some cases may be contraindicated when a person is on certain medication for vascular disease. In contrast FOREVER21®is a longer term solution without any known side effects. Please check with your or our Doctor first.

Partner questions

My partner has been experiencing some difficulties and I want to help but not sure how to have the discussion – any good ideas?

Yes, the problem is consistent as our abilities deteriorate with age (e.g. sports performance, etc.). There are millions of men in the world, including Pakistan who experience erection problems of some form or other and these may not be failures, but just performance deterioration.
The topic can be raised as a natural age related symptom, shared by millions of men and this is a real option for fixing it through a natural and easy process. The results can be life changing for both partners.

If my partner decides to have the FOREVER21®treatment what should I expect?

Spontaneous, better erections when he wants them without the side effects and issues of other treatments.**

Who else offers this treatment?

This treatment is offered in Europe including UK, Middle East and developed Asian countries. In Pakistan, there are earlier technology versions or Chinese based technology available but they require 12 treatments or merely just provide the placebo effect.